The Second Chance

Second Chances

Posted in Thoughts by Dara on December 28, 2009

Ever had the chance to start anew? Fresh and free after years of entrapment, misery and monotony?

I have.

Coming back to the old life every now and again makes me remember how lucky I am to have this second chance. But then I can never forget the dark, dark times.

Which is better? Or does it even matter?


To Write Love On Her Arms

Posted in To Write Love On Her Arms by Dara on December 28, 2009

Take it from someone who has “wrote” their love and pain and anger and guilt all over their body.

Take it from someone who has watched their self-harm and depression and moods devastate their family – an angry mother, a heart-broken dad, a confused brother.

Take it from someone who has pushed away all friends, dropped out of school, sat for hours staring at nothing, feeling nothing.

And take it from someone who is unbelievably fortunate to have a second chance at starting a new life, away from home, away from the past, the ghosts, the people who have no idea what you’re going through but who judge anyway.

Not everyone is as lucky as me to get that precious second chance. Okay, so I still cut myself, I still get depressed and anxious sometimes but it could be a lot, lot, lot worse.

Please, take five minutes to click “support suicide prevention” and do a few activities.

If you’ve ever lost someone – through death, suicide, depression. Please.